terms and conditions

The Rules and Conditions of Affiliation to The Super Gym Administration

1. Adhering to the Islamic teachings, customs and traditions of the UAE
2. Commitment to sports uniforms for training and maintaining personal hygiene
3. Maintain the equipment and features of the Gym and bathroom facilities and leave it
as clean as you found it
4. Leave the equipment free of weights after the completion of the training and return it
to its specified places
5. Steroids are strictly prohibited and may not be used inside the Gym or building facilities
6. The administration of Super Gym is not responsible for the loss of any belongings, the
member should be responsible for his or her own valuables
7. Using the special towel for each player avoids infectious diseases and makes the place
clean for him/her and others after him/her
8. Avoid the use of bad words that start quarrels, and avoid offensive and heated
discussions about religious and political beliefs inside the Gym
9. Please do not take children inside the Gym, instead visitors can wait in the lobby or
restaurant. If you bring them, Super Gym’s administration is not responsible for any
injuries caused as a result.
10. It is strictly forbidden for visitors to enter the Gym and use the equipment without
referring to the administration
11. It is strictly forbidden to use the equipment for non-participating children without the
approval of the administration
12. It is strictly forbidden to undress or disrobe inside the Gym because this is contrary to
the values ​​and customs of the United Arab Emirates
13. Members should take care and caution when using equipment and gym facilities after
training. The administration is not responsible for any damage or harm caused to the
member because of his/her carelessness.
14. Renewing the subscription on the date will prevent you from embarrassment at the

Your comments and suggestions are of interest to the administration of Super Gym to
help develop and improve the Gym.
best wishes for success and enjoyable training
                        Gym Administration / Super Gym